NFC based smart appliances integration combined with “turbocharged” networking performance for next generation home gateways

CISC Semiconductor introduced new home gateway solution with build-in NFC and Bluetooth LE for identification and authorization, based on Lantiq chipsets.

Klagenfurt, Austria, Mountain View (CA), USA – April 13th 2015. CISC Semiconductor (CISC) announces that they have continuously excelled in bringing innovative home gateways enabling personalized, secure and on-demand services for Smart Home Applications – based on latest Lantiq Networking processors and chipsets. Over the last years CISC and Lantiq joined R&D effort on a 45Mio EUR research project Internet of Energy (, funded by the European Commission and national public authorities, to bring into market next generation home gateways.

The new Gateway solution is suitable to connect any smart device or appliance to an infrastructure typically known as “Smart Home”. CISC’s Gateway software COYOTE®connected, based on a Java Virtual Machine and an OSGi framework connects sensors and actuators from different companies seamlessly, offering high comfort, robust security and optimal energy saving to the end customer while bridging the multiple standards in the market today The first results have already been showcased on the last World Broadband Forum in Amsterdam, during Smart Utility week in Amsterdam and recently at CES in Las Vegas in January this year.


Sascha DERN, Head of the Home Networking Components Business Line at Lantiq: “Our GRX300/330 platform for Home Gateways is the ideal fit for CISC’s Smart Home Solution as it combines highest performance with no limitation in data traffic. Integrated connectivity technologies like Gigabit Ethernet, ULE and Access Point Wi-Fi are the foundation of the Smart Home approach. Additional connectivity technologies like NFC, ZigBee, etc. can be added into the architecture.”


Dr. Markus PISTAUER, CEO at CISC Semiconductor: “This new CISC product addresses the latest advances in wireless networks, low-power computing and is acting as a multi sensors/actuator intelligent node and multi-protocol gateway. Our software development for this gateway is an ahead of state-of-the-art solution embedding effective, efficient security and privacy mechanisms. Its characteristics are openness, dynamic expandability, interoperability, dependability and user-friendliness.


Smart Home

The Smart Home combines home control, power metering, security and surveillance and other consumer-service applications. Working together with Lantiq, CISC has implemented a Smart Home solution that allows seamless interworking of the various technologies currently in use. Physical interfaces – including ZigBee®, DECT-ULE, Z-Wave®, Wi-Fi®, and Wireless M-Bus – are connected to the Lantiq GRX300 Broadband Gateway chipset.


Near Field Communication and Identification

The main feature of Smart Home’s architecture is to support multiple applications based on different protocols and PHI’s that can be enabled for a limited time and dedicated to an authenticated users.

Identification of users and configuration of the system is based on NFC technology to provide secure separation and privacy of data belonging to the various applications running on the gateway, as well as for association and admission control.

The applications running on the gateway are provided as bundles that can be loaded from an application provider on demand after purchasing the application using a smart phone. In order to purchase the application, standard application infrastructure for smart phones (APP shops like “Google Play Store” or “iTunes Store”) can be used.

The applications provide all necessary software to access additional hardware that can be connected to the Gateway via its USB interface (use of additional PHYs not provided by the Gateway by default).