Rental rates

Rental rates

Up to 200 m² 13.20 per m²
From 200 to 500 m² 12.90 per m²
Over 500 m² 12.60 per m²
Parking space rent on demand    

Calculation of the Rental Area

Monthly rent is based on the area of the leased property according to the mutually prepared handover certificate.
The rented floor space per tenant is calculated as follows:

Rental area

 =  100% of net usable floor space within the leased area
 +  50% of the terrace space allocated to the leased area
 +  pro-rated, general useful hallways from the stairway door
 +  pro-rated, general useful functional and auxiliary rooms (e.g., server room, kitchen, reception area, meeting and lounge areas) from the stairway door
 +  pro-rated, toilet and utility tub areas in the stairway
 +  pro-rated, functional and auxiliary rooms outside the office area (e.g., trash room, building plant and engineering center and plant rooms)

Lease Agreement Preparation Fee

The tenant bears the cost of the preparation of the lease agreement and all costs associated with its execution | implementation including all charges, taxes, and fees, in particular all legal fees, according to the Austrian Fee Act.

We charge the tenant a flat-rate (net) of:

Rental area up to 200 m² € 200.00
Rental area up to 500 m² € 300.00
Rental area over 500 m² € 500.00

Incidental Costs and Public Charges

The tenant is proportionally responsible for all management costs, operating costs and running public charges. Currently a payment on account of € 3.50 | m2 net is charged.

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